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American Studies is an interdisciplinary program of inquiry into the society and cultures of the United States. Using multiple perspectives and methodologies, American Studies majors examine the themes and patterns that characterize the American past and present and indeed the very idea of “America” itself. Our majors learn to synthesize knowledge and develop the critical thinking skills needed for rigorous, complex analysis. One of the hallmarks of American Studies is its flexibility. Our majors work closely with faculty advisors to design a course of study tailored to their interests.

Student reflections

  • Katherine Hayes, Class of 2011

    - “The major allowed me to explore many different avenues within the social, political, economic, and cultural aspects of American society. As an interdisciplinary major, the classes I took often taught me things I could apply and expand upon in other classes. … My coursework always crossed boundaries.”
  • Aaron Randolph, Class of 2011

    - “The most diverse and intriguing group of classes I have encountered here at Cornell.”
  • Milos Balac, Class of 2011

    - “Becoming an American Studies major was the best decision I ever made at Cornell. Entering as an undecided freshman arbitrarily leaning towards Psychology, I truly found my academic niche at Cornell through the American Studies program and its dedication to diverse interdisciplinary work. … I was immediately hooked.”