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American Studies is an interdisciplinary program of inquiry into the society and cultures of the United States. Using multiple perspectives and methodologies, American Studies majors examine the themes and patterns that characterize the American past and present and indeed the very idea of “America” itself.

Statement from the American Studies Program

We, the affiliated faculty and staff of the American Studies Program at Cornell University, write to affirm our program’s core principles. Our program rests on two pillars: rigorous historical analysis that understands how different factors contributed to the emergence, dominance, and ongoing power of not only opportunities but also inequities, and on an in-depth analysis of the country’s diversity, particularly the intersection of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, and class. We are deeply concerned about recent escalations in xenophobic, racist, and sexist incidents across the country, which are often fueled by fake news, and a lack of critical engagement with the nation’s historical and contemporary realities. As a program, we are committed to fostering open discussion among all students, and to taking care of each other and our planet. We are deeply aware that not everybody is equally affected by recent political developments, and remain vigilant and committed to the right of each colleague and each student to feel respected and protected.