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The Program in American Studies offers an interdisciplinary engagement with what America means in the United States and in a global context. Faculty encourage students to look at the meaning and reality of the evolving United States as a question still in need of answering and as an experiment still in process, not as a dream fully realized. We use multiple perspectives and methodologies and require that students synthesize knowledge in ways that develop the skills needed for rigorous, complex analysis.

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Michelle Zhang

Alumni Connections: Megan Zhang '16

Megan Zhang was an American Studies major who also took a premed curriculum:

"My American studies major gave me a unique background during med school interviews, and was definitely a conversation starter. It makes you a much more competent person in dealing with people who have different backgrounds than yourself. I appreciate the confidence it gives me to ask people about their side of the story, because there’s always another side of the story.”

After graduating, Megan spent a gap year working with families at a women’s and children’s shelter outside of Boston has opened her eyes to the diversity of experiences and situations that can lead someone to become homeless.

Click here to read more about Megan's story.

“The major allowed me to explore many different avenues within the social, political, economic, and cultural aspects of American society. As an interdisciplinary major, the classes I took often taught me things I could apply and expand upon in other classes. … My coursework always crossed boundaries.”

— Katherine Hayes, Class of 2011

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