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Although there is no graduate major American Studies, graduate students in any field at Cornell can elect American Studies as a minor field. In order to declare a graduate minor in American Studies, students should discuss how an interdisciplinary minor in American Studies may fit into their overall interests with an American Studies faculty member, and then apply using this form. They must also make sure that declaring a minor in American Studies is compatible with the requirements of their major field, and secure the approval of their special committee chair. They will have to constitute their special committee so that one special committee member represents American Studies.

Click here for a list of faculty in the American Studies graduate field.

For more information, please reach out to the American Studies Program Director or contact us at

Graduate Research Grants

Each semester, the American Studies Program awards a number of grants to graduate students who are engaged in research toward their PhDs in disciplines related to American Studies. The maximum award will be $1,000. To be eligible, applicants must be enrolled full time and in good academic standing in a PhD program at Cornell University. Preference is given to students who have passed their A exam.

ASA Conference Travel Grants

Every fall, the American Studies Program offers travel grants to Cornell graduate students in any field who have been invited to present at the annual American Studies Association conference. Applications are solicited in early September.

Teaching Assistantships and First Year Writing Seminars

American Studies offers a limited number of teaching assistantships each semester. These appointments provide tuition, SHP, and a stipend, for one semester of teaching. Typically we make our assignments after pre-enrollment for the upcoming semester.

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