The Undergraduate Minor

The Minor

The American Studies minor offers students in every College the opportunity for interdisciplinary engagement with the cultures, histories, and global context of the United States. Successful completion of the minor will be noted on students’ official transcripts.

The American Studies minor consists of five courses (15 credits minimum), which must be at least 3 or 4 credits each. Introduction to American Studies is required, and students must take four additional AMST courses at the 2000 level or above as specified below, passing with a grade of C or higher. No more than 2 courses may be taken in any one discipline or field.

Distribution of Courses

Although courses taken for the student’s major may count for the American Studies minor, the five discrete courses constituting the minor must include:

  • Introduction to American Studies (AMST 1101)
  • At least one pre-1900 course
  • At least one course dealing with diversity. (In the American Studies Program, “diversity” courses address social justice or inequality, with an emphasis on race, class, gender, and/or sexuality.)
  • One 4000-level seminar. (AMST 4997 and 4998, taught in Washington, D.C., do not fulfill the seminar requirement though they may count as an elective toward the minor.)
  • One elective

Please note: one class may be taken S/U, but AMST 1101 must be taken for a grade.

How to Apply

Students must declare their intent to minor by their penultimate semester.

Before the end of classes during their final semester, students must complete the AMST Minor Certification form (available in the AMST office) and meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies to certify completion of the minor.

Contact the American Studies Program office with any questions about the minor.