Sally Saban: 'There will always be another student, another text, another professor, another theory to greet upon this campus.'

Sally Saban

American Studies

Brooklyn, NY

Why did you choose Cornell?

To me, Cornell represented a space for exploration. While its campus holds an antique magic upon the bricks of its aged buildings, Cornell's population holds a progressive energy in each corner of its diverse studies. Cornell is a unique space for personal growth — there are opportunities for all sorts of intellectual ideas, from the pragmatic sciences to the abstract arts. There are possibilities for all kinds of budding relationships, from lifelong friends to inspiring role models. Cornell attracts a population of immense diversity; something I learned during my time here is that there is always more to be learned. There will always be another student, another text, another professor, another theory to greet upon this campus. All one has to do is look, and stay curious. It is the place that encourages me to continue thinking with curiosity and pushes me to continue engaging with passion.

What is your main extracurricular activity? Why is it important to you?

My main extracurricular activity was my time spent as a teacher's assistant for the auto-tutorial biochemistry course. It was eye opening for me to engage with other pre-medical students, and learn about the unique relationship each individual has with his or her studies. There is so much intellectual beauty and passionate involvement in each individual on this campus. I loved spending time with such inspiring students. They motivate me to continue exploring the possibilities of my own path.

What was your most profound turning point while at Cornell?

I've had many profound moments at Cornell, and each one has pointed me toward a new experience. One profound moment was when I was given the opportunity to join Professor Mark Roberson's research lab. Professor Roberson teaches at the Vet School, and he became one of my most important role models. Being in his lab, I was challenged to balance my academics and I was pushed to understand innovative and complex scientific concepts. Most importantly, Dr. Roberson advised me with patience and understanding. He taught me how to maintain my individuality while working with a team, and he encouraged me to persist against hardship. His guidance has truly changed my Cornell experience.

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