Sample Concentrations for the American Studies Major

American Studies majors, in consultation with their advisor, must define an area of concentration and complete six courses in that area. The area of concentration should be designed to fit the particular interests of a student, but it must include subjects in at least two disciplines. Students may find courses relevant to their concentration that they wish to take but that are not on the American Studies course list. With their advisor's approval, students may count two such courses towards fulfilling the major.

Students are encouraged to construct and define their own area of concentration. What follows below are mere possibilities – there are many more!


American Capitalism

AMST 1540 American Capitalism

AMST 2016 Understanding Global Capitalism Through Service Learning

AMST 2955 Socialism in America

AMST 3022 Capitalism and American Democracy 1880-2010

AMST 3060 Recent History of American Workers

AMST 3549 Capitalism, Competition and Conflict in the Global Economy

AMST 3562 Thinking from a Different Place: Indigenous Philosophies

AMST 3870 The History of Consumption: From Wedgwood to Wal-Mart


American Institutions

AMST 1115 Introduction to American Government and Politics

AMST 2422 The History of the US Prison

AMST 2710 America’s Promise: Social and Political Context of American Education

AMST 3161 The American Presidency

AMST 3181 US Congress

AMST 3202 The US Supreme Court and Crime

AMST 3072 The US Constitution: Crisis, Change and Legitimacy

AMST 4202 The Politics of Inequality: The History of the US Welfare State

AMST 4218 History of the United States Senate

Cultural Studies

AMST 2010 Popular Culture in the United States, 1900-1945

AMST 2020 Popular Culture in the United States, 1950 to the Present

AMST 2260 Music of the 1960s

AMST 3450 Cultural and Intellectual Life of 19th Century Americans

AMST 3720 Food, Gender & Culture

AMST 4508 Exhibiting Cultures: Museums, Monuments, Representation, and Display

AMST 4650 American Paranoia

AMST 4702 Cultural Politics of the 1970s

AMST 4745 The Turning Point: American Literature and Culture in the 1940s

Visual Studies

AMST 2000 Introduction to Visual Studies

AMST 2160 Television

AMST 2760 American Cinema

AMST 3010 Photography and the American Dream

AMST 3560 Modeling Race, Fashioning Beauty

AMST 3740 Painting Nineteenth Century America

AMST 3809 Politics of 70s Films

Political & Social Movements

AMST 2220 From the New Deal to the Age of Reagan

AMST 2353 Civil Rights vs. Human Rights in the Black Freedom Struggle

AMST 3002 Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

AMST 3240 Varieties of American Dissent, 1880-1990

AMST 3590 The Black Radical Tradition in the US

AMST 4021 American Conservative Thought

AMST 4112 The Politics of Change

AMST 4313 The Beautiful Struggle: Radical Aesthetics and Politics


AMST 1800 Immigration in US History

AMST 2251 US Immigration Narratives

AMST 3065 Immigrant America: Race and Citizenship in Modern Working-Class History

AMST 3762 Law, Latin@s, Illegality                                                         

AMST 4032 Immigration and Politics Research Seminar

AMST 4122 Immigrants in New Destinations: Settlement, Integration, Backlash

AMST 4533 The Lower East Side: Jews and the Immigrant City

Race & Ethnicity

AMST 2010 Latinos in the United States

AMST 2130 Introduction to Asian American History

AMST 2660 Everything You Know About Indians is Wrong: Unlearning Native American History

AMST 3191 Racial and Ethnic Politics in the US

AMST 3405 Multicultural issues in Education

AMST 4402 Women in Hip Hop

AMST 4533 The Lower East Side: Jews and the Immigrant City

AMST 4587 Critical Race Theory

AMST 4970 Jim Crow and Exclusion-Era America

Legal & Constitutional

AMST 3001 Constitutional Law and US Politics

AMST 3072 The US Constitution: Crisis, Change and Legitimacy

AMST 3131 The Nature, Functions, and Limits of Law

AMST 3281 Constitutional Politics: The US Supreme Court

AMST 3635 Human Rights and Global Justice

AMST 4435 Education, Social Justice and the Law

AMST 4635 Feminist Theory/Law and Society


American Environment

(CRP 1100 The American City)

AMST 2581 Environmental History

(COML 3111 Literature, Art, and the Environment)

(SOC 3240 Environment, Society, and Land)

AMST 3451 Cultural and Intellectual Life of 20th Century Americans

AMST 3330 Ways of Knowing: Indigenous and Place-Based Ecological Knowledge

AMST 3675 The Environmental Imagination in American Literature

AMST 4102 Urban Ecology & Politics


Community Engaged Learning & Research

AMST 1104 Race and Ethnicity in the United States: Social Constructs, Real World Consequences

(LSP 2300 Cultures and Communities)

AMST 2710 America’s Promise: Social and Political Context of American Education

(ANTHR 3462 Democratizing Research: Participation, Action, and Research)

AMST 4033 Race and Social Entrepreneurship: Food Justice and Urban Reform

(HE 4080 Fieldwork in Diversity and Professional Practice: Community and Public Service)

(WRIT 4130 Service Learning for Democratic Citizenship: Literature of American Social Action Movements)

AMST 4435 Education, Social Justice, and the Law